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Sunset Sessions with Matthew Mole ~ 19 December 2019

This brilliant artists’ first appearance in our area, and we are so excited to see him live in action. You’ve heard his songs on the radio, but his stage presence is what really makes it special to watch him live.

Matthew Mole embarks on a nationwide album launch tour with his new album ‘Ghost’ which contains Matthew’s typical eclectic blend of folk, electronica undertones, and positive vibes. “While the new album contains the usual traits, I have experimented with electronics a lot more and I’ve introduced a bit of a ‘bigger’ sound in terms of instrumentation.”

The songs on this album represent fighting difficult situations in life. A lot of the difficulty comes down to fear or insecurity. The ghost represents those insecurities,” he explains. “It is something that intimidates us when we feel most vulnerable, but which ultimately has no power over us because we know that things will get better.”

*Show Info*

Tickets: R100-R200 depending on whether you take the shuttle or not.
Where: Stanford Hills
When: 19 December 2019
Times: 17:30- 20:30
Tickets available at the door on the day.


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